Raft Motors

About Raft Motors

Establish Raft Motors to be No. 1 Electric Vehicle Company by delivering economic, smart, innovative, stylish, comfortable and energy-efficient electric vehicles and set benchmark of eco-friendly technology for the Future Generations to follow.

To be the Leader in vast EV Segment by 2025 with our presence all over India and Abroad with consistent focus on Quality and Skilled Services to our Clients and create employment through our Electric Vehicle Training Modules.

The Management consists of Young, Dynamic and Visionary Entrepreneurs having vast experience in Corporate management who can provide Value, Quality and Unparalleled Services to its users and Partners thus creating an Ecosystem that fits the Business Mission.

company Philosophy

Raft Motors have created numerous path breaking advances in EV Technologies. The RAFT Motors manufacturing base is built over 40,000 sq. ft. of state of the art manufacturing facilities in the outskirts of Mumbai, India. Vehicle Market.

A dedicated team of highly skilled professionals work relentlessly towards innovation, product development, precision assembly, and stringent quality control.

The RAFT MOTORs facility is also designed to build customized products for special requirements, giving the company a unique ability to provide the perfect solution for technically challenging projects and requirements.

With ever Increasing Dealership Nodes, in Major Towns of India, RAFT Motors is one of the industry leaders with Innovative Products and Advanced Engineering Skills.

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quality policy

Our manufacturing unit is equipped with best in class tools and facilities which results in production of best quality and environmental friendly Electric vehicles.

The E-bikes that we manufacture adhere to the international quality and safety standards.

We want to give our customer an e-bike that is of high quality and according to the best environment, our company is a high-quality technology. Gives better experience in running e-bike.

- Best Quality EV's
- Comfortable and Stylish
- Extremely comfortable
- Affordable rates
- Customer Satisfaction
- Pollution free

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